These are the various actions you can do on your turn. This page is a placeholder for now.

  • Move: You may opt to move, up to your full movement value, and then perform one of the other actions. If a space costs more movement points than you have available, you will not be able to move into it. For example, if you try and move into a space that costs 2 movement points, but it's at the end of the movement when you only have a single point left, you will be unable to enter that space.
  • Attack: You may opt to attack an enemy. Specify which weapon you are using. That item will be equipped.
  • Items: You may use, equip, or unequip an item.
  • Convoy: If your character has access to the Lord class, or is adjacent to a character that does, you may access the Convoy to Trade with your characters' inventory.
  • Trade: You may trade with either an adjacent character (or the character they are paired up with), or the character paired up with you. You may trade either no items or a single item, for either no items or a single item in return.
  • Pair Up: You may pair up with another character. The other character will be the active character. This does not grant them an extra turn.
  • Switch: You may make the other character you are paired up with the active character. They cannot move, but can perform all other actions as normal, including attacking. If the inactive character used Pair Up this turn, they may get another action with the Switch ability, excluding movement. 
  • Separate: You may cease pairing up. This places the character performing the action in a space adjacent to the other character. Neither character gets an action if this one is used.
  • Rally: You may use your Rally skills.
  • Dance: You may give an adjacent character another turn.
  • Wait: You may opt to do nothing.

Unless otherwise stated, performing one of these actions will end your turn.

When an enemy attacks, you will defend with the currently-equipped item. If that item does not have an attack, you will not be able to fight back.