Welcome to Fire Emblem Role-Playing Wiki! We are a community of Fire Emblem fans, that make our own characters, and play multiplayer Fire Emblem through grid strategy online. Though we are mostly centered around the last game, being Fire Emblem: Awakening, the general system should be easy for those who prefer the older styles of Fire Emblem games, to pick up and adjust to.

We are an estimated 90% done with the site before we allow public use. As of now, the basics to character creation have been layed out, so you can start creating your character. Also, all the tables for experience, classes, and supports are written out. I will not make any promises to anybody that you will be a Lord, Tactician, Dancer, Taguel, or Manakete class yet. I will do this once we have a full starting crew. All we have left to do now is finish the story for the first few chapters, and conclude map making for said chapters.

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